How to Choose Right Above-Ground Pool Cleaner

How to Choose Right Above-Ground Pool Cleaner [A Helpful Buying Guide]

Before jumping on to a guide to choose right above-ground pool cleaner, I would like to explain what are above ground pools? In simple words swimming pools constructed above the ground with ready-made steel and polymer structures having PVC floors and walls are known as above ground pools.

Pools that are made above the ground are self-assembled and portable to be carried and set up anywhere. Most of them are made of plastic material that is pumped up to make the pool stand on the ground.

Such pools are commonly used in spas and children playing centers and contain fluid contaminants. It is important that the pool cleaner should be able to suck up such contaminants.

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How to Choose Right Above-Ground Pool Cleaner [A Helpful Buying Guide]

Earlier we posted buying guide for in-ground swimming pool cleaner and here we are posting some important factor that should be considered for choosing the best above ground pool cleaner.

Has a One-Time Running Duration of More Than 2 Hours

Since the above ground pools are relatively smaller, it is preferable to clean them in one run. For this purpose, the pool cleaner you select should be capable of consecutive functioning for more than two hours.

If it stops during cleaning and starts working again after a break, this might consume a lot of your time and energy. So it is better to get your hands on the one that can work and clean up the pool in a single go.

Should Be Portable (Pressure Pool Cleaners Are Not Recommended)

As already mentioned, above ground pools are generally portable. Therefore, the pool cleaner you choose should have a weight figure that is easy to be transferred from one place to another.

Portability also includes the fact that the pool cleaner should be able to function without setting up a pressure lining system. Pressure pool cleaners are not used for cleaning up above ground pool, because they require a proper pressure lining set up, to function that is not possible to maintain in above ground pools.

Capable of Sucking Up Fluid Contaminants

Talking in accordance with my research, above ground pools usually contain more fluid contaminants than the larger leaves and pebble debris. The cleaner you choose to purchase should be capable of sucking up the fluid contaminants and making the water purified and clear to be used again.

Has a Skimmer Bag Large Enough To Perform One Time Cleaning

If you have decided to get a suction pool cleaner for your above ground pool, make sure its skimmer bag has enough capacity to clear up dirt in one run. This will make the cleaning more feasible for you. You will not have to stop the trial and empty the skimmer bag and perform the assembling of the cleaner again so that it can continue its run.

Final Words

I hope you will find this guide on how to choose a right pool cleaner for above ground pool useful. If you think we missed any important step, you can suggest us in the comments box. Also, do let us know which above ground pool cleaner you purchased after reading our buying guide. Pool Cleaning Hacks is a platform on which you will find unbiased reviews, buyer’s guides, tips, and comparisons of the best pool cleaners available in the market.

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