How to Choose a Right Pool Cleaner [Best Buyer's Guide]

How to Choose a Right Pool Cleaner [A Helpful Buying Guide]

Having a pool at home is a great source of recreation, but its cleaning and maintenance is such a pain in the as*.

Much gratitude to the variety of pool cleaners available now in the market! They do save not only your TIME but also plenty of energy that would be wasted otherwise!

But, with a large variety of pool cleaners, it comes up a great deal of confusion as to which one to go for.

In this article, you will find a detailed buyer’s guide for choosing the most efficient pool cleaner for your pool. So sit back and relax, because as a bonus you are also going to learn about types of pool cleaners available and what tips you should be following before buying a new swimming pool cleaning machine.

Before setting off for the journey to explore facts regarding purchasing the best pool cleaner for your swimming pool, I will quickly introduce you to the Types of Pool cleaners and share the major difference between each type!

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Types of Pool Cleaners at a Glance

Here is a quick overview of the three different types of pool cleaners.

The Robotic Pool Cleaners - robotic pool cleanerA robotic pool cleaner is the most advanced type of swimming pool cleaning machine! Not only being energy efficient, but the plug and play system of these cleaners is the most appreciated one too.

It suits almost all pool types, shapes, and surfaces and can handle all types of dirt, debris, including leaves in an excellent way. In a nutshell, simple installation, and a complete one-man army system!

The Pressure Pool Cleaners - pressure pool cleanerPressure pool cleaners, work in a pair with a booster pump and a pool pump. It is no doubt, very durable but definitely requires certain equipment to install with it so that it can work and serve the pool cleaning efficiently.

Most of them come up with a large self-contained debris bag to store all the small and large dirt inside it. There are few models in this type of pool cleaner that are also equipped with scheduled cleaning.

The Suction Pool Cleaners - suction pool cleanerWhen coupled up together with suction port or skimmer, this type is the most affordable pool cleaning device! A pre-programmed pattern helps the machine to clean properly and cover the entire pool plot.

Though using it continuously might damage the pool cleaner, but with proper maintenance, it might last for longer duration than expected!

How to Choose a Right Pool Cleaner [A Helpful Buying Guide]

Almost any type of pool cleaner will get the pool cleaning job done easily, but only one specific type of pool vacuuming machine will be able to do it efficiently! To find out for that one, you have to follow few steps to choose a perfect pool cleaner for you!

READER’S TIP: Keep in mind that you DO NOT always have to look up for the best brand that is offering the product you desire to buy. Sometimes the top-rated brands fail to satisfy your needs and leave you back in utter disappointment. So setting the Brand Name phenomena aside, we are going to mention some key factors that you should consider for choosing the best pool cleaner for you.

The Type of the Cleaner Your Pool Demands

Before buying a pool cleaner, it is vital to examine your pool with all its details. Whether it is an in-ground pool? Or an above ground pool? Whether it is an average-sized pool or just a Spa sized pool?

Also, if it has a smooth concrete floor, or a floor made up of marble tiles? All these questions MUST be answered before you select the type of pool cleaner.

As already discussed, generally, pool cleaners have been split up into three major types’ the robotic pool cleaners, the suction pool cleaners, and the pressure pool cleaners. I would not rate any of the types prior to the other, and it all depends upon the purpose you need them for.

So after examining your pool size and shape properly, then comes up the time to read about the basics of each pool cleaner and select the one that suits best to your pool demands!

Do not skip this step! Because the actual process of choosing a good pool cleaner starts after identifying the type of swimming pool you have at your home.

The Hose Length Sufficient Enough To Reach Your Pool

Then comes up, the hose length. Take some rough notes regarding the size of your pool. Keeping those readings in mind, make sure the pool cleaner you are choosing can work on the entire pool plot.

This is an ultimate necessity because, without a right length hose pipe, your pool cleaner will not be able to do its work to the best, and you will be moving it all around the pool.

If the cleaner you opted for, has a small hose pipe compared to what is required, you need to check whether the attachment of extra hose pipe is possible or not. If YES, then you can spend some extra bucks on the hose pipe to get the desired pool cleaner.

Durability of the Cleaner

A very important factor to consider while selecting a pool cleaner for your pool! But the confusion arises as to how to know about the durability of a product before even using it? Well, let me tell you the easiest way to find out which product would have a longer life expectancy than the others.

Firstly, check out the warranty claims on the product. Many of the high-end brands offer a warranty of as long as up to 6 years, and certain pressure pool cleaners came up with a warranty claim of about 10 years!

FACT FILE: Pressure pool cleaners tend to last longer than the suction and the robotic pool cleaners. This information was found out after reading and examining tons of user reviews on the pool cleaners they bought for their pools.

Another way to find out about the durability of a pool cleaner is to read out comments and reviews that users share after using a certain product.

However, do not COMPLETELY put your trust upon the review, because there might be one in a million faulty items, produced by the company that the user has talked about. Also, durability highly depends upon the maintenance and usage habits too!

The Type of Debris, the Pool Cleaner Is Going To Clean

The type of debris, your pool contains depends upon the way you use it for. If it is a party pool, there may be more large size of debris and dirt, but if it’s a spa pool, the amount of trash and impurities will be of smaller size.

In both cases, it is usually best to get your hands on a pool cleaner that can efficiently clean both the larger as well as, the smaller debris. Most of the robotic cleaners can clean up even the smallest dirt present in the pool.

Also, suction cleaners work more efficiently to suck up the tiniest leaf particles from the pool. So, decide wisely as to which one you would go for! But do not disregard this important point, while considering to buy a pool cleaner.

The Price Tag of the Pool Cleaner

Well, everything has a price, right? Another important factor you should keep in mind is your budget. I should have mentioned this ahead of all other factors because of the importance it holds.

Without having a clear idea of your affordability, you will not be able to decide as to which product you should opt for. Always keep one thing in mind, YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!

This does not mean you should select the most expensive product available in the market, but also that you should not end up buying the cheapest product that would spoil your cleaning experience!

So, considering the budget range, select a decent item out of all the choices available to you. This is the right approach!

The ‘Onetime Use’ Period of the Pool Cleaner

Another thing of secondary significance is the time period for which you would be able to make the pool cleaner function consecutively. Most of the time, suction pool cleaners need a little break period between cleaning patterns.

However, robotic pool cleaners are found to be more efficient while doing the work.

If you own a large pool, and that works for a commercial purpose, get your hands on a pool cleaner that is able to work for more than 2 hours in a row. Otherwise, you would waste a lot of time while waiting up for the cleaner to get its rest and then start the function again.

The Ability to Climb Walls and Be Programmed

Not all the cleaners come up with the ability to climb up to the walls of the pool. This factor depends upon the structuring of your pool. If your pool has non-slippery walls, you should consider buying a cleaner that can climb upstairs and walls.

That is totally your choice!

Remember, an addition of a feature to the cleaner results in a certain addition to the overall price.

Points to Consider for Choosing Best Robotic Pool Cleaner

Points to Consider for Choosing Best Robotic Pool CleanerWith great innovation in science and technology, robotic cleaners are becoming more popular and common. However, they too have got certain types, such as automatic and semi-automatic robotic pool cleaners, and you have to watch out as if which one suits your pool well.

Before purchasing a robotic pool cleaner for your pool, go quickly through these checkpoints, and I assure you would get your hands on a masterpiece!

  • Make sure the robotic cleaner you select has the capability of motoring up to walls and pool stairs. If it can dive into the corners of the irregular shaped pools, that will be great too!
  • Since electric motors operate the robotic cleaner, don’t forget to check out the capacity of the motor before buying the swimming pool cleaner. Make sure you would be able to provide it with the electrical energy it demands to get functional.
  • If you have opted for an automatic pool cleaner, find out if it is also designed for automated turning off after it’s done cleaning the pool. This will free you from guarding the cleaner all the time as it does its job by itself and turns off automatically when it’s done.
  • Programmed robotic cleaners, who can perform scheduled cleaning and literally need no supervision are something to crave for! Do look out for them, if you can get a decent one at an economical price, you are surely going to adore this feature!
  • Can filter and clean out almost all types and sizes of dirt, including bacteria.
  • It does not require any skills to assemble it.
  • It does not need additional components for functioning.
  • Capable of working alone without any guidance or supervision.
  • Easy to operate and handle
  • Heavy on the pocket
  • Maintenance is also very expensive and difficult
  • Electric cord may have a limited range

Points to Consider for Choosing Best Pressure Pool Cleaner

Points to Consider for Choosing Best Pressure Pool CleanerFor pressure pool cleaners, you need a dedicated pressure line in your pool. This pressure line holds significant importance in the functionality of your pressure pool cleaner.

If before the construction of a swimming pool, you are certain about your choice to buy a pressure pool cleaner’ it will be helpful to construct a pressure line at that time. Otherwise, it is also possible to form a new one in an existing pool.

So, after you have set up the pressure line,’ be sure to go over these sets of points, before you decide to choose a pressure pool cleaner for your pool.

  • Pressure cleaners demand a booster pump along to function fully. DO NOT purchase the booster pump before purchasing the cleaner. In case if you have done that, make sure the cleaner you are purchasing would make a good healthy combination with the pump.
  • The ‘one-time-use’ period of pressure cleaners is around 60-120 minutes. Though there are new ones being manufactured with increased power-up duration, it is better to get a cleaner that can function for at least more than 2 hours consecutively.
  • Pressure cleaners are specifically designed to handle the larger debris without any clogging. The cleaner you are going to purchase is going to be 100% efficient in this aspect and should not get any blockage while doing its job.
  • Some advanced pressure cleaners are also designed for scheduled cleaning. It will definitely be good if you get your hands on a product that is adaptable to pool automation. This feature is very important if someone is looking forward to buying a pressure pool cleaner for commercial purposes.
  • The most durable type of pool cleaners
  • Efficiently collects the larger debris as well
  • Does not clog or blocks while taking in leaves and pebbles
  • Cleans the pool plots very well
  • Cheaper than robotic pool cleaners
  • Requires a little more effort to set up and make it work
  • Needs an extra booster pump
  • Expensive than the suction pool cleaners

Points to Consider for Choosing Best Suction Pool Cleaner

Points to Consider for Choosing Best Suction Pool CleanerFive years ago, suction pool cleaners were the widely used machines for cleaning dirt and debris from the pool. Later on, with the inclusion of more and more technology, their usage became less common.

However, many spas across the United States and Europe still prefer to choose a suction pool cleaner instead of other types because of its budget-friendly price and no contribution to the electric bills.

If you have decided to get a suction pool cleaner for your pool, be sure of this fact that you will have to supervise the pool during the entire time of cleaning. Don’t ignore these points before selecting a product and making a purchase.

  • Suction pool cleaners follow a pre-programmed pattern while cleaning up the pool. Make sure the cleaning patter suits the shape and size of your pool so that the scrubbing process does not encounter any hurdles.
  • Fine sand and dirt can also be sucked up using a suction cleaner. Make sure the machine you choose is capable of sucking all the smaller dirt efficiently. If it can not do this job properly, it does not deserve to be called a good suction cleaner!
  • Just like a pressure pool cleaner, you will also have to get a pool pump for this type of cleaner. You need to ensure that the pump meets the minimum flow conditions of the cleaner as well. Only in such a case, they both will be able to work as a good pair.
  • Suction pool cleaners are only durable when used and maintained properly. Be sure to get your hands on a cleaner that is easy to maintain and does not wear off quickly when used for longer duration consecutively.
  • Most affordable type of pool cleaner
  • Can suck up the minute sized contaminants as well
  • Does not put any load to the electricity bills
  • Comes up with a pre-programmed cleaning pattern
  • Can not clean up the larger debris efficiently
  • Needs constant supervision
  • Has to be assembled before use


No one likes a dirty pool’ OBVIOUSLY! However, if you cleaned your pool and your friends and family still find it to be dirty; this is something that is going to get on your nerves! In order to avoid such embarrassing situations, it is better to make a wise choice for once. And that is only possible if you go over a couple of guides, and perform some research before selecting a pool cleaner for your pool. I will end up the blog here, and I assume you might now be pretty clear about what type of cleaner you are going to go for and with what particular features! REMEMBER THAT NO PRODUCT COMES UP SUITED IN PERFECTION. It’s all about adaptability and the way you handle and maintain it!

Keep following to get tip, guides, and unbiased reviews of world’s best pool cleaners.

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