How to Choose A Right In-Ground Pool Cleaner [PRO Guide]

How to Choose A Right In-Ground Pool Cleaner [A Helpful Buying Guide]

An inground pool, as obvious from the name, is a pool that has been constructed using a proper concrete foundation and walls system. This pool is obviously NOT portable at all and has a pre-planned structure. Being below the ground level, it requires a pool cleaner that has good and deep cleaning capacity so that the pool always stays ready to serve your friends and family.

Choosing the best in-ground pool cleaner is a bit daunting task because you need to make sure that it perfectly meets your requirements. If you are a newbie and getting worried about how a first-time buyer can select a good one, I will say there is nothing to worry about because here we have posted a detailed guide that is going to help you in picking the right swimming pool cleaner.

How to Choose A Right In-Ground Pool Cleaner [A Helpful Buying Guide]

Here are some very important factors that one should keep in mind before choosing a pool cleaner for in-ground pool are as follows.

Motors up Walls and Stairs

Since an inground pool contains walls and stairs or maybe a down ramp, which are soaked up in the same water that is used for swimming and pool parties, hence, the pool cleaner you select should be able to climb up the walls and clean them up as well.

Most of the robotics cleaners can do this job amazingly! However, some pressure cleaners have also been found to suck up the dirt from down ramps and walls.

No matter whichever type you go for, be sure the cleaner does not disappoint you when it is about cleaning the walls of an in-ground pool.

Is Capable of Deep Cleansing

In ground pools require deeper cleansing because they are exposed to the larger as well as minute sized debris and contaminants. For this purpose, the pool cleaner you opt for surely has to be good in sucking up the chemicals and bacteria in a competent way and purifying the water to be used again.

Has a Hose Pipe Long Enough to Serve the Entire Pool Plot

If the hose pipe of your cleaner cannot be extended from one part of a pool to the other, it will not be able to do its job properly. However, if the manufacturing brand of your chosen pool cleaner is offering up additional extension pipe, so that is a thumbs up!

This is a VERY IMPORTANT feature to consider particularly for inground pools because they are larger in size as compared to on-ground ones.

Makes Up a Good Pair with Your Pool Surface

The surface of an in-ground pool, maybe rocky, has tiles or maybe just made up of solid concrete. Perform a good investigation of the pool surface before selecting a pool cleaner for the in-ground pool.

Not all pool cleaners are able to move freely upon rocky or stone embedded surfaces. Also, some of the pool cleaners are also not able to complete their pre-programmed cleaning patterns upon such irregular floors.

So, choose a pool cleaner that is able to couple up with the surface of the in ground pool’ so that you do not face any working defects later on.


To put a nut in a shell, a good pool cleaner is the one that is capable of climbing stairs, provide deep cleansing, has a good hose length, and suitable for multiple surfaces. I hope you are going to like this pro guide on how to select a good in ground pool cleaner. Did you find this guide helpful? This is guide is applicable for choosing all types of swimming pool vacuuming machines whether they automatic, pressure, or suction. Do let us know in the comments section. Keep following PoolCleaningHacks.Com to get unbiased pool cleaner reviews, pro tips and guides to keep your swimming pool neat and clean.

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